Timber Sliding Sash Windows

The style of a timber sash window has been around for over 300 years. Narrow sightlines, intricate profiles and periodic styling has maintained their position as the premium window style throughout their history.

Our range of elegant, stylish sliding sash windows can match most periodic styles. We offer exceptional thermal performance as standard being an A rated product.

Our windows can replicate most traditional period window styles based on our range of design and layout options, as well as our large glazing, timber and paint options.

Key features:

  • A premium product manufactured from the finest materials and retaining traditional period features.
  • Exceptional thermal performance as standard as A rated.
  • Engineered timber providing excellent durability, all from certified, sustainable sources
  • 10 year paint guarantee
  • Excellent weather performance with third party test validation.


Traditional Box

These windows are based on the original designs using cords and weights, which as a counterbalance method still provides the best movement.

To find out more about this product please view the Sliding Sash brochure.

Spiral Balance

These windows have a very similar appearance to our traditional box sliding sash windows, but these use a spiral spring balance, giving a narrower frame profile. The high quality balances and innovative seals provide excellent thermal and weather performance.

To find out more about this product please view the Sliding Sash brochure.

Tilting Spiral Balance

These windows have the same design as the spiral balance windows but allow you to tilt inwards the sashes, enabling ease of cleaning from the inside. Draught seals solve any draught problems, and mean performance levels similar to the non-tilting versions.

To find out more about this product please view the Sliding Sash brochure.


Our historic sash window is designed to specifically meet stringent planning requirements common for listed buildings and conservation areas.

We provide a wide range of original profiles and glazing methods to provide an accurate match to existing designs as well as high quality hardware with original locking systems and cord and weight balances.

To find out more about this product please view the Historic Range brochure.


Our sliding sash windows are manufactured from engineered timber and sawn timber all from sustainable sources as standard. There are different timbers to choose from depending on your needs.

Our unique 4 coat paint system provides maximum protection, allowing the timber to breathe and let the characteristics of the timber show through. There is a 10 year guarantee on the paint finish.

We can provide almost any opaque or translucent colour.

We can also provide dual colour windows with a different colour inside to out or from frame to sash.

For more details on timber or paint please view the Sliding Sash brochure.


We offer a wide range of obscure glass patterns. To view the full range, please view the brochure.

We also offer a range of leads in varying widths, colours and styles.

We can also provide coloured glass to your requirements.


The high quality Allart ironmongery gives the finish and performance you would expect from a high quality window. All ironmongery is selected to retain the traditional appearance of the product, whilst being very easy to use.

There are a range of different colours to choose from to suit your needs.

For more details please view the Sliding Sash or Historic window brochures.