Looking for Conservatory Installers in Guildford?

Much easier to install than an extension, a conservatory can be used for anything you like, whether as an art gallery, playroom, home office or simply somewhere to relax.

At BJB Windows, we regularly install bespoke conservatories in Guildford and its vicinities with aluminium, hardwood and PVCu designs all available at the most competitive prices.

We can ensure your new conservatory suits your home, giving you a relaxing living area in which to escape the hustle and bustle of family life. Every conservatory is different, with our styles including Edwardian and Victorian styles to complement period properties.

This versatile room can be a godsend in winter time, when your garden is otherwise neglected.

Providing a warmer place in the winter, a conservatory can enable you to make the most of your garden in Guildford- even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

At BJB Windows, we love making quality home improvements more affordable, whether you’re opting for PVCu windows, spanking new doors or a lovely conservatory to let more light into your property.

If you’re searching for conservatory installers in Guildford, why not discover more about BJB Windows today.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows in Farnham?

Not sure which type of windows to choose in Farnham?

Aluminium windows are increasingly popular for domestic homeowners along with businesses looking to have a modern look. Giving you plenty of flexibility when designing the shape of windows, they’re extremely popular with architects and design consultants.

Strong, secure and offering unlimited design options, aluminium windows can withstand all weather conditions without expanding or contracting.

With a powder coated finish, the frames won’t discolour or rust, giving you long-term aesthetics with very little maintenance. Since the frames can be made to be slimmer, they can let plenty of natural light into a property.

This type of window can also easily be recycled which means it’s more environmentally-friendly in comparison to other materials.

Thinking of getting this style of window for your property in Farnham?

At BJB Windows we can add beautiful aluminium windows to any property, including casement windows which are double glazed and sealed. Their key features include internally or externally glazed options, and flat, chamfered or sculptured designs to suit traditional or contemporary appearances.

Discover more about our range of aluminium windows in Farnham.

Looking for Beautiful Timber Doors in Farnham?

Do you love the traditional look and would prefer timber doors for your home?

Fortunately, nowadays timber doors can have excellent finishes to prevent the paint from chipping or becoming worn. With timber often referred to as nature’s masterpiece, you’ll never have to worry about the wood underneath.

Beautiful entrance doors which are perfect for traditional properties.

Our timber doors are highly attractive and an elegant option for any property, available in a range of styles, including patio doors, French doors, entrance doors and bi-fold doors.

Our entrance doors have lovely natural characteristics that will enhance the frontier of any building.

Every door is made from the finest materials and comes with a 10-year paint guarantee; they also have an excellent weather performance with third party test valuation. Our unique colour paint system provides the maximum amounts of protection for your door, no matter the weather.

Made using computer optimised designs, our timber doors also have exceptional thermal performance, keeping you warm during the cold months ahead.

If you’re looking to replace your doors in Farnham, explore our range at BJB Windows.

Why get Secondary Glazing in Surrey?

Do you have an older property that has beautiful windows, which nonetheless aren’t great at preserving heat? In that case, your property could benefit from secondary glazing instead.

Designed for period properties where you wish to protect the windows, secondary glazing involves adding a casement over the existing windows. Approved by the English Heritage Society, this method can preserve your existing windows while reducing noise and improving your levels of insulation.

Secondary glazing is usually permanent but it can also be added a temporary measure if needed. Double glazing is usually more expensive than secondary glazing because, with the latter, you don’t need entirely new units fitted.

Unlike double glazing, it also won’t need planning permission, which is another reason it’s popular with people with older properties.

When you’re thinking of getting secondary glazing in Surrey, look towards BJB Windows for an affordable company in the home improvements market.

BJB Windows can install your secondary glazing to the highest standards, working with both domestic and commercial customers in Surrey.

If you’re interested in secondary glazing, simply get in touch today.

01483 233360.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows in Haslemere?

Favoured by architects and interior designers, aluminium windows give you a much wider view of the outdoors. Frequently used on modern buildings, the frame can be extremely thin, enabling you to let much more light into the building.

Aluminium frames can also come in many colours, unlike PVC-u or timber profiles, enabling you to tailor them to reflect your colour scheme.

If you’re in Haslemere and interested in aluminium windows, BJB Windows frequently install this type of window to properties throughout Surrey.

Our aluminium frames come in three different styles: those for secondary glazing, steel replacement windows and casement windows.

Our aluminium casement windows are ideal for customers looking to get double glazing at the same time. Available with internally or externally glazed options, aluminium windows can match nearly all RAL colours, including dual colour options.

Established in 1988, BJB Windows have been in the home improvements market for nearly 30 years. We promise to install your beautiful new windows to the highest possible standards.

If you’re in Haslemere and need new windows for your property, why not discover more about our aluminium windows?

Beautiful Bespoke Conservatories in Farnham

Need more space in your home in Farnham but don’t like the idea of an extension?

Perhaps you need more space for the children to play, or need a room for teenagers to hang out in? Or maybe you need somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of family life? If you live in Farnham, our bespoke conservatories could be the ideal solution.

Conservatories are a popular choice for homeowners looking to create more space. This type of room can be highly versatile: whether you want an art studio, playroom or place for plants, a conservatory is ideal.

A conservatory brings extra light into your home, especially during the wet and gloomy British winter.

Our bespoke conservatories are much easier to install than an extension, and are also much more affordable. We have a number of bespoke designs available in PVCu, aluminium and hardwood, so we can find a style that will blend seamlessly with your existing home.

Our styles include lovely traditional conservatories in Victorian or Edwardian style for those who love a classical appearance.

If you’re in Farnham, why not find out more about our bespoke conservatories?

Why choose Timber Windows if you’re in Farnham?

Nothing beats the traditional charm of timber windows, whether you have a period property or modern building. But although they look lovely, just how durable is this type of frame?

Timber is frequently known as one of nature’s masterpieces.

At BJB Windows we understand that customers love this material, but also want assurance it will be a long-term investment. In comparison to PVCu, timber might be more attractive but potentially more perishable.

However, that’s not the case: timber is an incredibly durable material. If you purchase your windows with BJB Windows: our timber windows come with a variety of glazing units and insulated panel options to ensure that they last for many years to come.

Our timber windows are also extremely aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of different styles, including Tilt & Turn Windows, Sliding Sash Windows and Timber Casement Windows.

Windows that have been popular over 300 years.

If you love windows with that romantic aura, our Timber Casement Windows could be ideal. Found in homes for the past 300 years, this style of window also has excellent thermal and weather performance. Bringing elegance and character to your home, they’re the perfect finishing touch to an idyllic family home.

BJB Windows are based in Normandy near Guildford, and serve customers throughout the county and surrounding areas.

Searching for Conservatory Installers in Woking?

Fancy a new conservatory in your property in Woking before Christmas?

A conservatory can be a wonderful refuge during the colder months, enabling you to still enjoy your garden even when the weather is bad. It is also a highly versatile room that can be used for any number of purposes: whether as an art studio, extra living room or a place for children to play.

Choosing the right designer and installer will guarantee your conservatory blends with your existing property rather than detracting from its best features. Full of light and space, it will help you make the most of the outside views, no matter the time of year.

BJB Windows can install the highest quality conservatories that blend seamlessly with your property.

Our conservatories are a cost-effective way to add space and light to your home. Each design is different depending on your style of property and we always take your particular requirements on board. You can choose from PVC-u, aluminium or hardwood conservatories, all of which will be installed according to your needs.

Based in Normandy, near Guildford, we are ideal for customers in Woking and the surrounding locations.

Discover more about our conservatory installers in Woking.

Benefits of Aluminium Doors in Woking

Planning on replacing your doors in Woking, and wondering whether aluminium could suit your property? There are many benefits to choosing this type of profile for your home.

Available in hundreds of colours, elegant and highly stylish, aluminium doors are one of the most popular choices for modern architects.

Combining high-performance with unbeatable aesthetics, aluminium doors and windows can have narrow frames, allowing you to have a wider view of the outside. By maximising the area of glass, you can also let much more light into your property.

Thanks to the fact aluminium is an inherently strong material, it can fit even the largest windows or doors, making it perfect for contemporary properties. It is especially good for sliding doors as it won’t warp or twist.

Where can I find beautiful aluminium doors in Woking?

At BJB Windows we not only have aluminium French doors, but Entrance, Patio and Bi-fold doors.

We have this type of door and window in many different styles, including French Doors. All our aluminium doors are powder coated, so you can choose from many colours, including white, black, brown and grey. We can match nearly all RAL colours to suit your unique requirements.

If you’re in Woking and want more information, why not give us a call?

01483 233360.

10 Reasons to Choose PVC-u Doors in Haslemere

PVCu offers numerous benefits, both from a practical and an environmental viewpoint.

Here are just 10 benefits to choosing PVCu doors for your property in Haslemere:

  • PVCu systems have excellent thermal insulation qualities, so will keep your home warm in winter.
  • They have an expected lifespan of over 30 years, making them a long-term investment for your home or business.
  • PVCu doors will keep out draughts like no other style of door or window.
  • With a unique compound that results in a smooth gloss finish, PVCu is a highly attractive finish for your doors.
  • Since it is a thermoplastic, it can easily be melted and recycled, making PVCu one of the most environmentally friendly choices.
  • PVCu windows and doors will maintain their pristine appearance, no matter the weather. They will never rot or warp or crack.
  • PVCu can help your property in Haslemere to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.
  • At BJB Windows we have PVCu windows and doors in a range of styles, from shaped windows to French doors and Patio doors.
  • PVCu is part of creating a sustainable future for the planet.
  • This type of material can resist combustion when subjected to fire.

Discover more reasons to choose PVCu doors in Haslemere.