Upgrade to PVC-U Doors in Haslemere

Want to modernise your property with PVC-u windows or doors? Perhaps your doors have long been overdue an upgrade?

BJB Windows regularly install this type of door to properties in Haslemere and the surrounding locations.

PVCu is now the most popular material for windows and doors, because it’s much stronger than traditional materials, like timber; most PVCu doors cannot be forced open with a crow bar, so they provide exceptional security.

Keeping warmth in and noise out, you can’t go wrong with PVC-u doors.

PVC-u windows and doors are also extremely flexible: they’re available in many different colours, and will maintain their shape even in the most adverse weather conditions.  It is an extremely low maintenance material, so all it requires is a quick wipe-down.

This type of door and window also provides high levels of insulation, making them a fantastic way to save money on energy bills. PVC-u is also great if you’re environmentally conscious: it can be recycled 10 times or more before it loses its structure.

Our PVC-u doors come in many different styles, including those with Shaped Windows.

Check out our range of PVCu windows and doors today.