Our PVCu Doors are Perfect for Any Property in Woking

Looking to have PVCu doors installed in Woking?

Nowadays, this is the most popular type of profile for windows and doors because it requires less maintenance than traditional materials like timber; all it requires is a quick wipe-down now and again.

PVCu is 100% recyclable and can be recycled 10 times or more before it loses its integrity or structure. It’s therefore an extremely environmentally-friendly choice.

Like aluminium, it is possible to have PVCu frames in many different colours; and they provide good levels of insulation, to save you money on your energy bills.

Wondering whether there’s a difference between PVCu and uPVC? You’ll find they’re one and the same.

Previously known as uPVC, the name of this material was changed in the UK to PVCu in the late 1980s, to fall in line with other countries in Europe.  In other words, there’s absolutely no difference between the two.

Strength and durability come guaranteed with PVCu windows and doors.

BJB Windows have PVCu doors and windows in a range of different styles, all of which can be purchased for your home or business in Woking. Check out our range of PVCu windows and doors today.