BJB Windows – Looking to Find PVC-U Windows in Woking?

You’ve probably heard of PVC-U, since it’s now the most common type of window frame.

But what precisely is this type of material and why is it so efficient?

Put simply, PVC-U is a type of plastic which neither rots or biologically decomposes.

Highly resistant to consistent weathering, PVC-u requires little if any maintenance. It is highly durable and can be coloured any way you please. These qualities make it ideal for either window and doors frames in any weather.

While other materials may fade over time, PVC-u remains the same vivid colour it was the day it was installed. Indeed, it not only lasts a long time, it can be easily recycled, making it one of the most environmentally friendly choices.

When looking to find a company to install PVC-U windows, it’s good to choose a company that provide plenty of options, so the style of frames suit your property.

If all you want for Christmas is new windows in Woking, BJB Windows provide both PVC-U windows and doors at competitive prices.

From sliding sash windows to casement windows, BJB Windows sell a wide range of PCV-U windows to suit your individual needs.

As a FENSA registered company, we have the seal of quality from hundreds of satisfied customers. Based in Normandy, Guildford, we are ideal for customers across Surrey and Hampshire, including Woking, where we regularly work.