Our Wooden Windows with Aluminium Cladding

Love the look of timber windows but are worried about their longevity?

You might want to consider a popular alternative: wooden windows with aluminium cladding. Timber windows not only look extremely attractive; they don’t detract from the property’s traditional appearance. However, the downside is that these frames are prone to rotting and decay over time.

Cladding is an excellent way to provide extra protection against the weather and minimise the need for maintenance.

An aluminium cladding system offers excellent durability and performance. While the timber provides that traditional look that homeowners love, aluminium casing provides an added layer of protection and finish for severe weather condition.

In other words, aluminium clad windows give you the best of both worlds. The rain can lash at these windows, the snow can pile up, but they’ll remain in fantastic condition.

At BJB Windows we have a style of window to match every property, including wooden windows with aluminium cladding. Whether you need new windows before Christmas or are planning home renovations in 2017, our friendly team can help.

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