Window replacement Surrey

Are the windows of your business premises or home looking a little worse for wear?

Do your existing windows make your home look untidy or leave your offices unappealing to prospective clients who visit your premises? Damaged, rotting or poorly maintained windows not only look untidy but they can leave your building or home susceptible to break in’s as well as the cold. Seals which have deteriorated and worn away will prevent the windows shutting properly providing poor insulation, this will mean that cold , wind and damp may come in from outside and if you are trying to warm the inside with heating this can just escape through the gaps increasing your energy bills without any increase in temperature. A long-term solution which can also help increase the security of your building is to have your windows replaced. Newly manufactured and installed windows will look smart and professional and will make your home or business a brighter place to be!

New windows will also enhance the insulation properties of the building – less heat will escape and less drafts will enter which will not only reduce your energy bills but will leave you feeling warmer and happier.

If you are looking for window replacement contact us. today. Formed in 1988 BJB Windows are family owned businesses that offer a wide range of home improvements and specialise in window replacement throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas of Woking, Farnham, Haslemere, Hindhead, Leatherhead, Dorking and Surrey.