10 Reasons to Choose PVC-u Doors in Haslemere

PVCu offers numerous benefits, both from a practical and an environmental viewpoint.

Here are just 10 benefits to choosing PVCu doors for your property in Haslemere:

  • PVCu systems have excellent thermal insulation qualities, so will keep your home warm in winter.
  • They have an expected lifespan of over 30 years, making them a long-term investment for your home or business.
  • PVCu doors will keep out draughts like no other style of door or window.
  • With a unique compound that results in a smooth gloss finish, PVCu is a highly attractive finish for your doors.
  • Since it is a thermoplastic, it can easily be melted and recycled, making PVCu one of the most environmentally friendly choices.
  • PVCu windows and doors will maintain their pristine appearance, no matter the weather. They will never rot or warp or crack.
  • PVCu can help your property in Haslemere to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.
  • At BJB Windows we have PVCu windows and doors in a range of styles, from shaped windows to French doors and Patio doors.
  • PVCu is part of creating a sustainable future for the planet.
  • This type of material can resist combustion when subjected to fire.

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