Do you have a period property in Guildford?

Secondary glazing is ideal for anybody who owns a period property, as it doesn’t involve removing the current windows.

When you live in a period building the last thing you want is to ruin the windows, which are usually one of the best features of a listed building. Such buildings are also often protected by law, which means you cannot have the window units replaced- which is what double glazing requires.

Secondary glazing is considered one of the best solutions for owners of period properties that want or need to retain their original windows. Since secondary windows are considered a reversible change, it’s highly recommended by The English Heritage and The Listed Property Owners Club.

What is secondary glazing?

This system of glazing involves fitting a fully independent internal window behind the existing primary window. It helps to rectify draughts and poor acoustic performance, as well as improve heat retention. Like double glazing, secondary glazing also provides significant noise reduction, improves thermal efficiency and provides enhanced security.

If you’re looking for secondary glazing in Surrey, consider BJB Windows based in Normandy near Guildford. Home improvement specialists since 1988, we are a family based business located near Guildford. We offer a wide range of high quality installations, including secondary glazing; this system can be installed any time of year with very little disruption.

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Beautiful Bespoke Conservatories in Guildford

Want to create extra space in your home in Guildford?

Having a conservatory installed is both cheaper and easier than an extension. It’s a fantastic way to create more breathing space before Christmas time arrives.

A conservatory can be used for any purpose you like, whether you need a home office, extra space for teenagers or a playroom for toddlers. It’s an easy and economical way to extend your current living space, and can also add around 7% to the overall value of your home.

Make the most of your garden this winter.

This type of room is a wonderful way to make the most of your garden, even during the coldest winter months. Whether you furnish it with house plants, or use it as somewhere to relax, it’s a brilliant way to bring light and greenery into your home.

At BJB Windows we have conservatories to suit any home, modern or traditional, including the option of PVCu, aluminium or hardwood. Our experienced team also install sun rooms, combination designs and orangeries along with any kind of conservatory – whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian or gabled.

Based in Normandy, we are ideal for customers in Guildford, Hindhead, Dorking and the surrounding areas.

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The best place to get Aluminium Doors in Surrey

Looking for stylish and colourful doors for a modern home?

The answer could lie in the natural strength of aluminium doors.

With a slim profile, durable frames, narrow sight lines and low maintenance qualities, aluminium frames are a stylish addition to any modern home. With material that’s light yet strong, aluminium frames can be configured into the most beautiful shapes and styles; they also provide high security and strength along with resistance to corrosion.

Their narrow frames mean focus can be placed on the glass, subsequently allowing a much wider view of the outside. Unsurprisingly, multi panel door systems are often made with aluminium frames to facilitate indoor/outdoor living.

If you’re considering this style of frame in Surrey, BJB Windows provide aluminium windows and doors in numerous styles, including French doors, entrance doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors.

Based in Normandy, a stone’s throw away from Guildford in Surrey, we’ve grown to become one of the leading home improvement companies in the area. As a family company with family traditions, we’re here to take the risk out of home improvement.

Conservatory Installers Guildford

Conservatory Installers Guildford

Take a look at BJB Windows if you require the services of leading conservatory installers in Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Haslemere, Hindhead, Leatherhead, Dorking or Surrey. At BJB Windows, we have been helping people add value to their homes whilst making them better places to live for decades and can cater for you no matter what your tastes, needs and budget are. Conservatories can be used for many purposes. They may be used for listening to music, storing plants, a children’s play area, dining areas, somewhere to unwind with a book or even as art studios or offices. Whatever you are looking for in a conservatory, we can assist you. We can also help if you wish to find out more about our windows and doors.

Decades of Experience

There are many options to choose from and we can help you whether you’re interested in investing in a PVCu, aluminium or hardwood conservatories. We can provide you with a combination design if you wish. Combination designs allow you to be extremely creative and are ideal for bigger conservatories. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about the options available to you. Why not drop us a line right now if you are ready to learn more? Talk to us today to find out more about our orangeries, combination designs, sun rooms, gables and Edwardian/Victorian-style conservatories.