Secondary Glazing Guildford

Many people have heard of double glazing, but not so many have heard of secondary glazing.

So, what is it? And why is it cheaper than double glazing?

Secondary glazing is when an independent system is fitted on the inside of existing windows. The reason it’s cheaper than double glazing is because the latter needs entirely new units fitted. This means the process is not only cheaper, but much quicker and easier. Although secondary glazing can be done as a DIY job, it’s wise to hire a good windows installer. Only experts usually can ensure the job will be done to the highest standards.

Although both will make your home quieter and warmer, double glazing can involve removing period windows and replacing them with more modern units. Secondary glazing is a great option for those looking to retain such features.

Looking to get secondary glazing in Guilford? Get on down to BJB Windows.  Established in 1988, we are based in Normandy near Guildford. We’ve grown to become one of the market leaders when it comes to home improvement. Summer is a great time to undertake home improvement. With conditions more pleasant and much dryer, it’s especially a great time to get windows done.

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Secondary Glazing Woking

Secondary glazing involves fitting a fully independent internal window behind the existing primary window.

If you live in a listed or period property, you may be considering secondary glazing. Since double glazing entails having whole units installed, it can ruin the appearance of traditional windows. Secondary glazing meanwhile, since it is considered a reversible change, is recommended by The English Heritage and The Listed Property Owners Club. If a property’s windows have lasted for hundreds of years, it’s natural to wish to preserve these. It’s also important to protect windows with historic value in themselves, such as medieval stained glass.

Secondary glazing is used on many historic buildings, which are often draughty and have poor acoustic performance. This system helps rectify all these factors, as well as improving heat retention. Like double glazing, secondary glazing also provides significant noise reduction, improves thermal efficiency and provides enhanced security.

If you’re looking for secondary glazing near Woking, consider BJB Windows. Home improvements since 1988, we are a family based business located in Normandy, near Guildford. We offer a wide range of high quality installations, including secondary glazing. This system can be installed any time of year without very little disruption.

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Timber Windows Surrey

Looking for windows with a clean, natural look?

For a beautiful and rustic appearance, consider timber windows. Besides aesthetics, this type of window frame also have numerous advantages. They are sustainable, have good thermal performance and are easy to maintain.

For timber windows in Surrey, simply head to BJB Windows. We sell a variety of this type of window, including Timber Tilt & Turn Windows, Timber Sliding Sash Windows and Timber Casement Windows.

Our tilt and turn windows are a great feature for any standard casement window. Perfectly blending in with the periodic features of your property, they won’t detract from the traditional appearance of older houses. Manufactured from engineered timber from sustainable sources, they are both a beautiful and environmentally friendly choice.

Timber slash windows are one of the most traditional styles. Having existed for over 300 years, this type of window have remained a premier window style throughout history. Again, manufactured from only the finest materials, they are the perfect addition to any traditional home.

Lastly, our timber casement windows are great for those looking to replicate traditional features. Benefitting from excellent thermal and weather performance, they are both practical and attractive.

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Bespoke Conservatories in Surrey

Thinking of getting a conservatory this summer?

Conservatories are an excellent way to extend your home. They’re also a great safeguard against the vagaries of the British weather. As we all know, the British climate is hardly renowned for it hot and sticky weather.

Whether you want to create an inside-Eden with potted plants, or use your conservatory as an artist’s studio, it’s a wonderful investment for any home. Significantly driving up the value of your property, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your living space. A conservatory can often be one of the most relaxing living spaces, full of warmth and light. This strongly appeals to a wide variety of buyers.

Are you looking for bespoke conservatories in Surrey? Want the best company to build a conservatory to be proud of? Simply head to BJB Windows. Based in Normandy, Guildford, we are a family run business that specialise in windows, conservatories and doors. In short, we love helping customer with all their home improvement needs. Established in 1988, we provide a variety of conservatory designs, including orangeries, combination designs, sun rooms, gables, Edwardian and Victorian.

We will help find the best design to suit your home and space available.

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