Where to get Timber Windows in Surrey

Considering Timber windows? Looking where to get them in Surrey?

Timber is one of nature’s masterpieces. Strong, renewable and a natural insulator, it offers a superb performance for you and your home. Attractive and traditional looking, timber windows don’t detract from the natural feel of a property. Tying in with the traditional features of your home, timber windows can also fit in well with contemporary designs.

If searching for timber windows in Surrey, head straight to BJB Windows. With a fantastic choice of styles, our timber windows include the tilt and turn variety, casement windows and sliding sash windows. The latter style is a classic, which has been around for over 300 years and give an elegant, timeless feel to any property. Similarly our casements windows give any home an air of class and style. Our tilt and turn windows are highly versatile and great for those who like easy access to fresh air. All our timber windows have excellent weather proofing and security features.

Based in Normandy, near Guildford, we’ve grown to become one of the leading players in the home improvement business. We are a family company with family traditions. Taking the risk out of home improvement, we believe our experienced advice and no hassle-approach take the stress out of improving your home.

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Aluminium Windows Fitters in Hindhead

Aluminium windows are beneficial for a number of reasons.

They’re extremely functional, maintenance free and complement the attenuated, clean lines of any modern building design. Designed with finesse, they add an instant feel of class to any house, creating a beautiful all-round appearance to the interior of your home. No wonder they’re frequently used for art houses or modern office buildings. They are also much more cost effective than wood or steel, and are guaranteed to last for years to come.

Considering aluminium windows? Looking for aluminium window fitters in Hindhead? BJB Windows can make it happen. With a stylish range of windows to choose from, we want to help make the best fit imaginable for your particular house. All our aluminium casement windows come double glazed and sealed to keep out draughts and noise. So, not only will your home look ultra-stylish, it will also be relaxingly quiet. We have many different styles of casement, all with different appearances and features.

Key features of these windows include Internally/Externally glazed options, flat, chamfered or sculptured designs for a traditional or contemporary appearance, and unique polyamide thermal designs to conserve as much heat as possible.

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Want to Get Aluminium Windows in Surrey?

Do you want to get aluminium windows in Surrey?

Aluminium windows have steadily gained popularity in the past couple of years. This may be down to various advances in technology, as well as progress in terms of fabrication and aluminium’s excellent thermal properties. In fact, this material has many advantage over PVC. PVC profiles can often be too large, and if you don’t use enough coupling or reinforcing profiles, you cannot achieve the same look aluminium can achieve. It is material highly adept in creating slim sight lines, which means using the minimum amount of frame. Great for creating that clean cut, modern look.

One of the best places to get aluminium windows in Surrey is BJB Windows. We are a family run business based in Normandy, near Guildford. We proud to provide a service which is high quality, trust worthy and helpful.

All our aluminium casement windows are double glazed and sealed to keep out any draughts or noise. With various different styles and features, you’ll easily find the perfect windows for your home. Key features include: internally or externally glazed options; flat, chamfered or sculptured designs; unique polyamide thermal break designs, and A rated windows. We also have a range of different coloured finishes, including white, black, brown and grey.

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Are you looking to get secondary glazing in Surrey?

Are you looking to get secondary glazing in Surrey?

Secondary glazing is an independent system which is fitted on the inside of existing windows. Such units hold glazing in frames of timber, aluminium, or plastic, and tend to use either glass or flexible acrylic glazing.

One of the main benefits of secondary glazing is it can save energy. By having better installation, less heat is lost and energy bills are therefore lower. As a thermally-efficient system, it will improve your energy rating and be guaranteed to save you money. With energy costs rising, saving those extra pounds will help any household budget.

Another advantage is secondary glazing achieves significant levels of noise reduction and sound proofing. Whether you’re looking to install secondary glazing in your home or office, noise pollution will be significantly reduced. Whether it’s drilling in the street or the ongoing sound of traffic, you’ll find your stress levels will also significantly decrease.

One of the best places to get secondary glazing in Surrey is BJB Windows. Home improvement experts since 1988, our windows are aesthetically designed to blend in with your existing décor. Key features include up to 45dB reduction in sound, draught free glass, the availability of Low E glass to reduce heat loss, and optional fly screens to keep insects out.

To find out more check out BJB Window’s brochure and contact our friendly team today. We operate throughout Surrey, including Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Haslemere, Hindhead, Leatherhead, and Dorking.