Highly Experienced Conservatory Installers in Woking

Are you looking for conservatory installers in Woking, so you can have extra space by summer?

Conservatories not only provide extra space for summer guests, this room can be a wonderful refuge during the colder months, enabling you to enjoy your garden even when it’s raining cats and dog outside.

Fancy extra space for painting? Or do you not have enough space for the children to play in?

A conservatory is a highly versatile room that can be used for any number of purposes, whether it’s as an art studio, extra living room or a place to grow indoor plants.

Choosing the right designer and installer will guarantee your conservatory blends with your existing property rather than detracting from its best features. If well-designed it will offer plenty of light and space, therefore helping you to make the most of the views of your garden, no matter the time of year.

Our conservatories are available in many different materials, including aluminium, PVCu or hardwood, and come in a variety of styles, such as Edwardian, Victorian, those with gables or combination designs. BJB Windows can also install orangeries and sun rooms to your property in Woking.

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Aluminium Windows Hindhead

If you’re looking for aluminium windows Hindhead, talk to the home improvement experts, BJB Windows. We’ve been leaders in the field since 1988 and are experts in windows, doors and conservatories.

A family-owned business that has grown to become one of the leading companies in home improvement, we pride ourselves on great customer service and high-quality work.

Whether you’re looking for windows, doors or conservatories, we’ll give you no-nonsense advice at the start, help to choose from our experience sales team and finish the job with top-quality installation from skilled installers.

Our team are all salaried members of staff so we won’t be sending contractors to you – they’re all fully trained and certified so you have peace of mind.

Aluminium windows Hindhead

We carry aluminium casement windows that are double-glazed and fully sealed, keeping your home peaceful, warm and secure. In a range of flat, chamfered or sculptured styles, we have something to suit every look, whether traditional or contemporary.

You can mix and match from a range of casings, finishes, glazing (including glass patterns) and handles so that your new windows fit perfectly with your home.

If you’d like some help choosing the perfect windows, get in touch and our sales team will be happy to help. Call us on 01483 233360 or complete the contact form on our site and we’ll get straight back to you.

Timber Doors Farnham

If you’re looking for the perfect timber doors Farnham to complete the look of your home, there’s no better place to turn that BJB Windows.

BJB Windows is a family-owned business that’s been running for almost 30 years. In that time, we’ve become one of the biggest names in home improvement, offering everything from windows and doors to conservatories.

Get help choosing the perfect timber doors

We carry a full range of timber doors, whether you need them for your entranceway, patio of conservatory.

Our timber entrance doors, for example, are made from the finest materials and are designed with traditional period features. They come in a range of styles and options, so you’ll always find something to match the rest of your exterior design.

All our timber is engineered from certified, sustainable resources and come with a 10-year paint guarantee with design features that provide you with enhanced security for your home.

We also offer timber patio doors, French doors and Bi-fold doors, so we have something to suit your every need.

You’ll get great customer service with BJB Windows. If you’d like help choosing the perfect timber doors to complete your home, call us on 01483 233360, email us on support@deucecreative.co.uk or complete the contact form on the site.

PVC-U Windows in Haslemere

Are you based in Haslemere and looking to invest in PVC-U windows?

By utilising our expertise here at BJB Windows, you will have the choice of an array of PVC-U windows. Our expert window advisers have been the solution to many homes and businesses across Surrey for window installation, and will know what options will work for you on efficiency, appearance and price.

PVC-U windows are the most common choice of window frames, mostly due to their high quality and affordability.

Previously known as UPVC windows, PVC-U guarantee maximum durability and lifetime. It’s highly resistant to consistent weathering and requires little maintenance.

Not only are the frames made to meet the highest standards, but they’re great for customisation; they can be coloured in any way you desire. Along with this flexibility, the colour will retain the same vivid colour for years to come.

Why choose BJB Windows?

When you come to weigh up your window options, you can always guarantee that we have the ideal selection of windows for your home or business in Haslemere and the surrounding area of Surrey.

We’re a transparent company that endeavours to install quality PVC-U windows, but we also aim to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We have the seal of quality from hundreds of satisfied customers across Haslemere, Normandy, Guildford, and the remainder of Surrey and Hampshire. To find out more, please take a moment to view the rest of our website.

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The Many Benefits of PVC-U Windows in Dorking

When researching new window frames, you’ve probably already come across PVC-U, since it’s now the most common type of window frame. But why is it the most popular, and is it right for your property?

Previously known as UPVC, its name having been changed in the 1980s, PVC-U frame won’t decompose over time, making for extremely long-lasting.

Consequently, it is highly resistant to consistent weathering and requires little if any maintenance. Furthermore, it not only lasts a long time, but can easily be recycled, making it one of the most environmentally friendly choices.

PVC-u can also be coloured any way you please and while other materials may fade over time, it will remain the same vivid colour it was the day it was installed.

These qualities make it ideal for either window and doors frames for commercial and domestic properties.   

When looking to find a company to install PVC-U windows, it’s good to choose a company that provide plenty of options, so the style of frames suit your property.

If you want new windows in Dorking this summer, BJB Windows can provide PVC-U windows and doors at highly competitive prices.

BJB Windows sell a variety of PCV-u windows to suit a range of properties.

As a FENSA registered company BJB Windows have the seal of quality from hundreds of satisfied customers. Based in Normandy, Guildford, we are ideal for customers across Surrey and Hampshire, including Dorking.

Why Get Secondary Glazing in Hindhead?

Perfect for anybody who owns a period property, secondary glazing doesn’t require the current windows to be removed.

When you live in an older building the last thing you want is to ruin the windows, which are often part of the property’s charm. In many case, period houses are protected by law, which means you cannot have the window units replaced- which is what double glazing requires.

Secondary glazing is considered one of the best solutions for owners of period properties that want or need to retain their original windows. Since secondary windows are considered a reversible change, it’s highly recommended by The English Heritage and The Listed Property Owners Club.

How does secondary glazing work?

This system involves fitting a fully independent internal window behind the existing primary window. In other words, fitting another casement behind.

It helps to rectify draughts and poor acoustic performance, as well as improve heat retention. Like double glazing, secondary glazing also provides significant noise reduction, improves thermal efficiency and provides enhanced security.

If you’re looking for secondary glazing in Surrey, consider BJB Windows based in Normandy near Guildford. Home improvement specialists since 1988, we are a family based business located near Guildford. We offer a wide range of high quality installations, including secondary glazing; this system can be installed any time of year with very little disruption.

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Need Experienced Conservatory Installers in Woking?

A conservatory brings both more light and extra space into your home. Whether you have a large garden or live on the cusp of a beautiful landscape, it’s one of the best ways to create a better connection to the outside.

A conservatory can also add extra value to your property and is ideal for those with a growing family, or anybody who simply needs more room to breathe.

Spring is here, so why not celebrate with a brand-new conservatory in Woking?

Whether you want a private office with a view of the garden, or a dining area for dinner parties, our conservatory installers in Woking will ensure your new room is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Available in PVCu, hardwood or aluminium, our conservatories include combination designs, sun rooms, gables, Edwardian and Victorian designs, and Orangeries.

Combination designs are perfect for larger conservatories.

If you’re hoping to extend your space by a significant amount, our combinations designs could be ideal. For instance, with this type of conservatory you can combine a Victorian and lean-to, to create a versatile shape.

Our Victorian conservatories are a versatile style that can suit a variety of houses. They featured a bay front and steeply pitched roof, for an elegant and classical appearance. Our conservatory installers can talk you through the different options available.

If you’re in Woking, why not give us a quick call today?

01483 233360.

Why Choose Timber Windows for your Home in Guildford?

Timber windows remain one of the most popular choices for homeowners, and quite rightly so- they are attractive, long-lasting and don’t detract from the traditional appearance of a property.

More environmentally-friendly than PVC-u, they also offer excellent thermal performance and superb weather performance.

Timber is the best that nature can offer, and can last for over 60 years.

BJB Windows have a choice of many highly attractive timber windows for your property in Guildford, including Timber Tilt and Turn Windows, Sliding Sash Windows and Casement Windows.

Our Tilt and Turn Windows are perfect as an added feature to a standard casement window, as the sash can be tilted into a vent position. While they will tie into the traditional features of your property, they can also appear contemporary.

Our A-rated windows offer both unbeatable durability and thermal performance. Bringing elegance and character to your home, timber windows are one of the most aesthetically pleasing of frames.

BJB Windows are ideal for anybody based in Guildford as we are located in nearby Normandy. Along with timber windows, we also sell A-rated U-PVC and aluminium windows throughout Surrey.

Upgrade to PVC-U Doors in Haslemere

Want to modernise your property with PVC-u windows or doors? Perhaps your doors have long been overdue an upgrade?

BJB Windows regularly install this type of door to properties in Haslemere and the surrounding locations.

PVCu is now the most popular material for windows and doors, because it’s much stronger than traditional materials, like timber; most PVCu doors cannot be forced open with a crow bar, so they provide exceptional security.

Keeping warmth in and noise out, you can’t go wrong with PVC-u doors.

PVC-u windows and doors are also extremely flexible: they’re available in many different colours, and will maintain their shape even in the most adverse weather conditions.  It is an extremely low maintenance material, so all it requires is a quick wipe-down.

This type of door and window also provides high levels of insulation, making them a fantastic way to save money on energy bills. PVC-u is also great if you’re environmentally conscious: it can be recycled 10 times or more before it loses its structure.

Our PVC-u doors come in many different styles, including those with Shaped Windows.

Check out our range of PVCu windows and doors today.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

Thinking of getting aluminium windows for your property in Haslemere?

There are many benefits to this style of window, so why don’t we explore the top 10 reasons to choose aluminium profiles in 2017?

  • These types of profiles can be powder coated or painted any colour and therefore offer plenty of versatility for your property.
  • With their slim-line frames, aluminium windows offer a wide view of the outside, making them popular with architects who want plenty of light in a property.
  • Aluminium windows are stronger than vinyl, but very easy to recycle, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Durable and low maintenance, and with corrosion resistant qualities, they are long-lasting and hassle-free.
  • Unlike other materials aluminium won’t crack, warp or scratch over time.
  • Aluminium frames are usually less expensive than other options.
  • There are a range of finishing options for this type of window, including anodising treatments. This type of frame can meet many design specifications that PVCu windows cannot.
  • They provide great design flexibility and have an array of systems and glass options.
  • Aluminium frames offer an excellent thermal performance and can often improve heat retention by 60%.
  • They meet the highest standards for air and water infiltration.

Whatever style of windows you want, if you’re based in Haslemere, BJB Windows have a variety of aluminium windows, including those in the casement style.